lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

First day of awesomeness

Okay, first entry. I am supposed to tell you what this blog is about, but actually I think that if you're reading this it means you're actually my friend so you know all the details about my trip.
Right now I'm in Austin, TX. I'll be here for like almost three months and it's just too awesome.
I woke up this morning and I went out, looking for a bus. I was at the bus stop and a really random guy came. He was obviously drunk, with almost no teeth and a cap. He told me that he was in the AA [Alcoholics Anonymus] and that we have to love ourselves because if we don't do it none will. I couldn't really understand what he said, but he started to tell me something about smoking crack and pot. Crazy stuff.
The bus came  but I didn't have change to I had to go to a Seven Eleven to get some coins. While I was there I decided that I'd just walk and see if I could find downtown by myself. I could see the buildings, far away, but I could see them so... Why not trying?
I found a Radio Shack and  I got a new phone # which I really needed and the clerk who helped me had a Famous stars & straps tattoo!
There are like a million things to tell. I ate at a Starbucks and then I met Joel and Brad [I hope I got the name right!] they showed me around and Joel helped me to steal a towel and some shampoo samples from a hotel ahahhaha
Seriously, everything is too great. I bought some food, Cheerios, peas and corn.
In a few minutes I'll go to a party. Yeah, I know, first time in town and I am already going to a secret party. I don't really know how I do it.
People I met today: Joel, Brad, the random man at the bus station, the cool tattoo artists that helped me out, the Coyote Ugly security guy, the Coyote Ugly bartenders, the random guy who asked me out in the middle of the street and got very disappointed when I told him I had a (fictional) boyfriend, the clerk of the grocery store who was really excited because of the money he was gonna get, the woman who loved my leopard jacket, the Radio Shack clerk and a really big cat who scared me to death.

4 comentarios:

  1. I think you're doing an banging job at not worrying your parents. Especially the part where you hang with a drunkard and go to secret parties.
    Way to go, honey! You make me so proud! ^^

  2. Awesome, but please tell us about the party next time xD

  3. OMG, how do you do it?
    Please oh please, tell us about that secret party!

  4. Party, party, party! All of us want to know everything about the secret party! Upload a lot of photos! xD