martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


I did my own laundry today. Yeah, I know I shouldn't be proud of it because I should had done it before, but I don't care. I am happy as hell right now.

Things that I miss about Spain vol. 1

1. Kissing people when you meet them. It is weird for me. I am not the biggest kisser ever, you all know I am a distant person and I never hug or kiss unless it is necessary, but I miss it. Human contact.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011


Don't kill me. I know it's been so long since the last day I wrote, but I guess it's normal. But now I have shitloads of things to explain!
Laura, Leanne and Serena are back hombre, old good England. It was so cool meeting them. We had a lot of fun, we had cherry coke [well, I had cherry coke, they had other things ahahahha], Mexican food, we had a lot of fun, I can't wait to see them again!
I shared a really cool thing with Leanne, we got a tattoo! I got  this....
... and yes, it's probably the best thing you've ever seen. In your whole life, I know. And it is mine. FOREVER. Oh God, it was sooooooo painful. From the very first second I wanted it to be done, but it took more than 2 hours. It was so painful I thought I was gonna puke. I almost did.
We went to a tattoo shop called Rock of ages, we had to walk for hours to get there. Leanne got a really cool gypsy head in her thigh and she didn't even blink. It was so big and pretty! And I spent the whole time bitching around because it was so painful I couldn't think.

But I survived. How we survive is what makes us who we are.

Just two days after Leanne's and Serena's departure I went hiking with Jackie. She's a really awesome girl I meet through couchsurfing and she has this aaaaawesome dog called Winston [I hope I'm spelling it correctly!]. We had a lot of fun, it was a pretty damn good day. She's got a pretty voice and I really enjoyed meeting her! We went to a park called Lost creek (I think, I dont remember it!). While I was with her I got a text from my good friend Wyatt. I met him two years ago, when I was in Missouri and he's the one who told me that Austin was the place for me. I'd be in California right now if it wasn't for him!

We met each other that evening and we have been walking A LOT. Actually that's all we do, we walk, we eat and we drink coke. I have the worst blisters ever. By the way, I bought this new shoes the day I got the tattoo. Brand new Vans, and I love them. They are painful as fuck, but I love them and as soon as they stop killing me I'll love them even more.

And actually all I had been doing for the last four days is walking and learning bad words. Wyatt is writing a really long list of awful things for every one. Things that I need to learn in English so I can swear as a sailor properly. Those pages should be in a museum. The Swearwords Encyclopedia. And I am teaching him bad Spanish words such as "Gilipollas!" and awful expresions like "Estás tan buena que te comería la regla a cucharadas".

People I met in the last few days (in no special order): Steve (Wyatt's friend) the crazy guy in the bus that said that I was a rose and "you boy are really handsome, I am saying it as a father" to Wyatt ahahhahahaha, the guy who wanted to take naked pictures of me [do the creep! do the creep!], the lady who pretended to shoot me with her fingers and said something weird about butterflies and guitar picks, Steve (the guy who did the piece of art in my ribs), the guy who practised yoga at the bus stop... a lot of people, seriously.

Things I learnt: If you sing offensive songs with a really good guitar and you're talented it doesn't sound that terrible, The Dog & Duck has the best fish and chips ever, if you keep your sunglasses on your nose gets brown but the rest of your face does not, I love Reese's and Butterfingers, the right way of pronouncing "syrup, burguer, shit, sheet, bitch, beach" and some others that I don't remember, I learnt that when I try to say dumbass it sounds like "Thomas" and about a MILLION of cool expressions. In fact I am gonna change the name of the blog right now.

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011


Okay, yeah, I know it's been a while. I got some angry complaints reproaching the lack of entries of the last days but, Hey, there's something called WEEKEND. It means you go out, you do things, you sleep... and you have no time to write!
Right now I am at a Starbucks, having the best Frappuccino ever, with real Vanilla Beams. Oh god it's so good... and way cheaper than in Spain!

Let's see... Yeah, The WANDA JACKSON SHOW!
  • I woke up extremely early, 5.40 am just to make sure I would get my tickets. I wanted to get an extra one for Laura, so I woke up, got dressed and I hit the road ahhahaha. I wanted to take the bus, but after waiting for a while I decided to walk. It was pretty dark and I was quite scared but the idea of seeing HER made me get over my fears. A bus came and I took it. The show was gonna take place at the Stubb's and there was one man waiting already when I got there. It was 6.25am.
  • I thought I would have to buy a ticket and then go back home, wear something decent and be there again but.... I WAS WRONG. I had to stay there, wearing my pajamas' tee (terrible, I know, it was just a plain white t-shirt). I didn't have my cell phone with me, just my moleskine so I started to draw things just to make time go faster... I didn't even know if I was gonna be able to get in because I didn't have a wristband, but someone from the staff took pity on me and gave me one because I had been there for so long it would be terribly unfair if I didn't get one.
  • The line up was pretty awesome, but I only cared about one name: Wanda Jackson! at about 3.00 pm, me, my pajamas's tee and my totally-useless-for-a-fucking-sunny-day leopard coat were waiting, first row, for her. I could see her for a moment when she got backstage and I was so excited! I'm such a fangirl, yeah, I know. When the show started I had to force myself to keep the tear inside of me like "Hey, you don't wanna cry in front of her, she'll think you're a sucker" but I have ro confess I dropped a few lonely tears of joy. The show was awesome. She's so sweet, so smart and so naughty... I was seeing her and I could totally imagine her when she was 17, singing and dancing. She's got the brighest eyes ever, the fighting spirit of her voice... for fuck's sake, I really love heeer! I had been waiting for the show for so long... I can't believe I saw her!
  • When the show was over I wanted to take a picture with her, but obviouly they sneaked her out and I couldn't see her! It was asking for too much, I know, but hey, a girl can dream!
There's a really annoying viking keeping me from writing. I'll keep on later ¬¬

sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

#5 (#6 is on its way)


Yesterday I went to Guadalupe. That's where I went on Thursday with Joel, but I wanted to go by myself and see what's going on in there. I wanted to find a place to stay, but I'm gonna tell you all in advance that I wasn't lucky. I walked around the UT, saw the campus... it was so sunny I almost got sunburnt. I ended up at a cafeteria called Cafe Medicci (something like that, I'm not really sure) and I had an overprized and AWFUL macchiato.

I took the bus back because I thought that Wanda Jackson was playing that night and I tried to buy the tickets.... but actually I am just the biggest sucker ever.... she wasn't playing that night, she was playing the next day. I was sad but I wanted to meet Whitney or Chris so I decided to hang around in Brazos, where there is a nice pizza place.

I was just eating my slice (don't worry Health League Champions, just crust, cheese and tomato) and I saw from across the street three girls who, judging by their clothes, liked the same music as I did. I was like
"Oh, I should go and talk to them"
Inner voice: "They'll think you're crazy and then they'll run away"
"But they seem nice"
Inner voice "Don't be ridiculous..."

But I ignored my inner voice, put my shyness and talked to them! They're really awesome! They're from England and they told me that Nick 13 (the singer from Tiger Army) was playing so I joined them and we went to the show. It was at the Maggie Mae's, at Sixth street, and I had a lot of fun.

And tomorrow I'll tell you about the EVENT OF THE SEASON.... The Wanda Jackson show!

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011


So, quite busy day. I woke up pretty soon and I started to look for a new place to stay. No results. Tomorrow I'll keep on looking. I had this awesome lunch, TACOS! that I bought at a trailer for 6 bucks, really good. I remembered that I walked by a frozen yoghurt place yesterday so I went back today and I bought this fucking awesome low fat peanut butter yoghurt with chocolate raisins and rainbow thingies for like 2 bucks. It was so good I will go there EVERY DAY.

Then I met Joel in front of the Frost building and we went to see a badass show where his high school friends were playing. It was really cool. Look at the guitar player, he was really talented.
Just next to where the show took place there was a military shop and I saw a lot of guns. Yeah, I know, my fourth day in Texas and I saw guns, it was about time, right? We walked around Hyde Park, which is actually a pretty nice area, close to the UT. There we went to a second hand shop called Buffalo *idontrememberwhat* and I bought a pair of denim shorts for me because... man, I am so gonna need them . Here it's too sunny, I seriously need to get some sunscreen.
We ate some glorious pizza with mushrooms, tomato, beef, bacon, peperoni, cheese, peppers and a lot of things more and went to see another show, but finally we went back downtown and I took a bus back to Carlos' apartment, which is where I am right now, trying to keep my eyelids open.

People I met today: The frozen yoghurt's place clerk, who was totally nice and showed me how everything worked, thank you man!, the musicians who played the show, a really nice korean girl who had a clothing store in Hyde Park called Dog and Pony, two friends of Joel (one of them was a tank commander!) and a girl called Susie which probably I wil never see again, but I met her.

Things I learnt: Pizza in the States is not like the Pizza we have in Spain. You can't see the cheese under all those toppins. I also learnt that if you need a pen, the Universe will provide. The bus that takes you to the UT zone is 1m. The meaning of the 420-friendly.

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011


Pretty boring today actually. I woke up and looked for a place to stay, I read A song of Ice and Fire, which seriously, you all should read, and then I took the bus. Mom, you'd be so proud of me, I'm eating really healthy food, salads, fruits, drinking a lot of water and walking. I miss eating meat, I think I'll go to the HEB [not ATB] tomorrow and grab some. I did something quite crazy, though. I walked around alone at night. Yeah, it was a nice zone with cops and stuff but... I won't do it again. Don't translate this to mom, Fanny! I was afraid so I just pretended to be talking to my phone like really pissed off to show the potential muggers that you have to be careful with me *moves her hand in the air and shakes her neck pressing her lips with her eyebrows raised*

People I met today: A crazy drunk guy sitting besides me at the bus stop at Congress who was obviously talking to me but I just pretended to be listening to my blackberry music.

Things I learnt today: Be careful with the salad's dressing, Bel, It is too tasty.


Yesterday I had some serious problems but I think I solved them. Well, not so serious, but they were annoying enough to piss me off. The first one is that my laptop decided to dive into the water. And it was on when he decided it, so... it could have been terrible, but actually none got hurt. I was told to go to the sun to dry it because it was a really sunny day yesterday so I took my Game of thrones book and I went to the pool... and I got sunburt in my forehead and the tip of my nose. Segunda hostia. But... the computer seems to work right now. It has serious water damage in the screen, but it works. I take the hostia back.

In the evening I just walked around, discovering the zone and looking for a place I thought it was called ATB. It turned out to be HEB, actually and bought a weekly transportation pass and some fresh fruit. Mom you would be so proud of me. But here the fruits are so expensive! it is way cheaper to buy poptarts so I had to tell the little evil voice in my head to stfu.

Since I had a weekly pass I decided to use it and I took the number 20 to go downtown. I got off the bus in Congress ave. and walked around for hours. I ate a hot dog from a trailer in Red River (I walked for hours, I think I deserve it) and asked for a my tattoo at a tattoo shop there in Red River and they told me there was a rockabilly show @Beer Land. I had to wait, but finally I could go. I had to pay 7 bucks, but hey, music deserves money. I also went to a show in somewhere called The Red Eyed Fly I think and it was pretty cool, like underground punk rock. I took the bus back home and, for God's sake, I slept like a child.

People I met today: Two young boys with their bikes who were missioners of Jesus Christ and asked me if I knew who Jesus Christ was.

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

First day of awesomeness

Okay, first entry. I am supposed to tell you what this blog is about, but actually I think that if you're reading this it means you're actually my friend so you know all the details about my trip.
Right now I'm in Austin, TX. I'll be here for like almost three months and it's just too awesome.
I woke up this morning and I went out, looking for a bus. I was at the bus stop and a really random guy came. He was obviously drunk, with almost no teeth and a cap. He told me that he was in the AA [Alcoholics Anonymus] and that we have to love ourselves because if we don't do it none will. I couldn't really understand what he said, but he started to tell me something about smoking crack and pot. Crazy stuff.
The bus came  but I didn't have change to I had to go to a Seven Eleven to get some coins. While I was there I decided that I'd just walk and see if I could find downtown by myself. I could see the buildings, far away, but I could see them so... Why not trying?
I found a Radio Shack and  I got a new phone # which I really needed and the clerk who helped me had a Famous stars & straps tattoo!
There are like a million things to tell. I ate at a Starbucks and then I met Joel and Brad [I hope I got the name right!] they showed me around and Joel helped me to steal a towel and some shampoo samples from a hotel ahahhaha
Seriously, everything is too great. I bought some food, Cheerios, peas and corn.
In a few minutes I'll go to a party. Yeah, I know, first time in town and I am already going to a secret party. I don't really know how I do it.
People I met today: Joel, Brad, the random man at the bus station, the cool tattoo artists that helped me out, the Coyote Ugly security guy, the Coyote Ugly bartenders, the random guy who asked me out in the middle of the street and got very disappointed when I told him I had a (fictional) boyfriend, the clerk of the grocery store who was really excited because of the money he was gonna get, the woman who loved my leopard jacket, the Radio Shack clerk and a really big cat who scared me to death.