miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011


Yesterday I had some serious problems but I think I solved them. Well, not so serious, but they were annoying enough to piss me off. The first one is that my laptop decided to dive into the water. And it was on when he decided it, so... it could have been terrible, but actually none got hurt. I was told to go to the sun to dry it because it was a really sunny day yesterday so I took my Game of thrones book and I went to the pool... and I got sunburt in my forehead and the tip of my nose. Segunda hostia. But... the computer seems to work right now. It has serious water damage in the screen, but it works. I take the hostia back.

In the evening I just walked around, discovering the zone and looking for a place I thought it was called ATB. It turned out to be HEB, actually and bought a weekly transportation pass and some fresh fruit. Mom you would be so proud of me. But here the fruits are so expensive! it is way cheaper to buy poptarts so I had to tell the little evil voice in my head to stfu.

Since I had a weekly pass I decided to use it and I took the number 20 to go downtown. I got off the bus in Congress ave. and walked around for hours. I ate a hot dog from a trailer in Red River (I walked for hours, I think I deserve it) and asked for a my tattoo at a tattoo shop there in Red River and they told me there was a rockabilly show @Beer Land. I had to wait, but finally I could go. I had to pay 7 bucks, but hey, music deserves money. I also went to a show in somewhere called The Red Eyed Fly I think and it was pretty cool, like underground punk rock. I took the bus back home and, for God's sake, I slept like a child.

People I met today: Two young boys with their bikes who were missioners of Jesus Christ and asked me if I knew who Jesus Christ was.

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  1. Aaaah! I know that Jesus Christ guy! Isn't he the leader of a punk-rock band? Maybe they were looking for that Red Eyed Fly!

  2. they were too punk-rock for that jesus christ guy, he's too mainstream~