jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011


Last friday night (yeah, Katy Perry) someone stole all my makeup. Terrible right? I KNOW. I was devastated [I still am] because I had a lot of limited editions, expensive makeup.... I don't know... it was the meanest thing ever. I told my friends and... WOW.
Claudia, my childhood buddy, told me she was getting rid of all her old makeup because she's switching to mineral products. She had a lot of MAC products and really amazing other brands. It is used, but it's awesome, more than I could ever buy, right now I have no income and life sucks. 
When I was totally amazed by my "new" makeup <3 and thought everything was as awesome as it could get... my dad comes to my room all mystery with a post box.... Leanne sent it.
I open it and... Christmas night all over again! New and slightly used makeup. I love it. I'll show you the products right now!!


  • Mac Foundation (almost empty) but with the aplicator, which is really expensive :)
  • Guerlain goldenish eye shadow. I love the color :)
  • MAC eye shadow: 6 smokey eyes + me being stupid. Claudia used them, but there are some colors pretty complete and the case is really luxurious. 

  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
  • MAC Black &purple glittered eye shadow: awesome color it looks so professional even if you use it alone.
  • MAC Pink blush: This is actually Leanne's, and  I think it is brand new.
  • MAC Fafi edition: Pink blush. Slightly used, beautiful color, right?

  • MAC eye pencil (Grey & Green)
  • MAC zoom lash sampler (black)
  • MAC shadestick (I think that's the name, I can't really read it!) (goldenish/ copper color)

  •  MAC brown blush: used as you can see, but that's a good sign!

  • MAC's case: Red and shiny. It says Chabel all over.


  •  Lipsy London packs: I never heard of this brand before but I already love it. Nighttime Goddess, Daytime Doll. Just like me. The packaging is really beautiful, the colors are the proper ones and... It's brand new, I'm sad that I have to use it!

  • Two Faced eye shadows and lip glosses. I love the black lace case, the colors... arrrrgh! <3
  •  MAC Eyeliner: BASIC FOR MY LIFE.

  •  BYS lipgloss: Lilac. I still haven't used it, but it looks shiny, classy and awesome. Still sealed!

  •  Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Midnight Cowboy: I'm not completely sure, I think it is a shadestick, it is all glittery and shiny. I can't wait to wear it when the right time comes!

  •  Urban decay eye pencil: Stray Dog. I love the name, it is brown, like chocolate.
  • Maybelline: The Colossal Volume Express mascara. I tried it, It looks like fake lashes, I swear to God. If I am thinking about wearing glasses it isnt an opcion. I am still in shock, it's great.

  •  MAC Russian Red Lipstick. We all know Russian Red. Nothing else no say <3

  •  Rimmel Glam Eyes eyeliner. Thin, soft and dark. PERFECT for wings and precise lines
  • I dont have a picture of it, but she also sent me a case with brushes, soft and perfect. The case is navy blue and black, shiny all over with a big black satin bow.

I'm so happy I can't believe it. Karma can be awesome sometimes and... girls... karma will bring you happiness in your future life because you made me extremely happy.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011


Things are getting serious way too fast. I got a job offer for a modelling company and I am gettin' scared. It is just an internship but they said that if they like me they would like to offer me a real job in real conditions and for a long time.
I really want to do something like this because it would be such an awesome thing to have in my resumee but it scares the hell out of me. What am I gonna do? I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss ... I miss a lot of things! I miss my guitar and I miss having an actually good public transportation system because, believe it or not, Austin is not perfect.
I just wasn't expecting that things would go so smoothly. Now that I have some friends I won't have the time to be with them, I just... Why is it so hard? I should be swimming in a sea of happiness but I am sinking in a pool of despair instead.
Qui m'entengui que em compri.

domingo, 10 de abril de 2011


Maybe I am just saying this because I am watching a chick flick and that is destroying my mind but... I kind of miss Spain.


No, I don't. I am having the time of my life, meeting awesome people, Mabel and Joe are gonna visit me, there's a job opportunity I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT, everything is perfect... well... almost everything.

Seriously, I need to stop watching chick flicks. I'll quote Dean Winchester...

That's my fake No chick flick moments face specially for you all. Or should I say y'all?

martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


I did my own laundry today. Yeah, I know I shouldn't be proud of it because I should had done it before, but I don't care. I am happy as hell right now.

Things that I miss about Spain vol. 1

1. Kissing people when you meet them. It is weird for me. I am not the biggest kisser ever, you all know I am a distant person and I never hug or kiss unless it is necessary, but I miss it. Human contact.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011


Don't kill me. I know it's been so long since the last day I wrote, but I guess it's normal. But now I have shitloads of things to explain!
Laura, Leanne and Serena are back hombre, old good England. It was so cool meeting them. We had a lot of fun, we had cherry coke [well, I had cherry coke, they had other things ahahahha], Mexican food, we had a lot of fun, I can't wait to see them again!
I shared a really cool thing with Leanne, we got a tattoo! I got  this....
... and yes, it's probably the best thing you've ever seen. In your whole life, I know. And it is mine. FOREVER. Oh God, it was sooooooo painful. From the very first second I wanted it to be done, but it took more than 2 hours. It was so painful I thought I was gonna puke. I almost did.
We went to a tattoo shop called Rock of ages, we had to walk for hours to get there. Leanne got a really cool gypsy head in her thigh and she didn't even blink. It was so big and pretty! And I spent the whole time bitching around because it was so painful I couldn't think.

But I survived. How we survive is what makes us who we are.

Just two days after Leanne's and Serena's departure I went hiking with Jackie. She's a really awesome girl I meet through couchsurfing and she has this aaaaawesome dog called Winston [I hope I'm spelling it correctly!]. We had a lot of fun, it was a pretty damn good day. She's got a pretty voice and I really enjoyed meeting her! We went to a park called Lost creek (I think, I dont remember it!). While I was with her I got a text from my good friend Wyatt. I met him two years ago, when I was in Missouri and he's the one who told me that Austin was the place for me. I'd be in California right now if it wasn't for him!

We met each other that evening and we have been walking A LOT. Actually that's all we do, we walk, we eat and we drink coke. I have the worst blisters ever. By the way, I bought this new shoes the day I got the tattoo. Brand new Vans, and I love them. They are painful as fuck, but I love them and as soon as they stop killing me I'll love them even more.

And actually all I had been doing for the last four days is walking and learning bad words. Wyatt is writing a really long list of awful things for every one. Things that I need to learn in English so I can swear as a sailor properly. Those pages should be in a museum. The Swearwords Encyclopedia. And I am teaching him bad Spanish words such as "Gilipollas!" and awful expresions like "Estás tan buena que te comería la regla a cucharadas".

People I met in the last few days (in no special order): Steve (Wyatt's friend) the crazy guy in the bus that said that I was a rose and "you boy are really handsome, I am saying it as a father" to Wyatt ahahhahahaha, the guy who wanted to take naked pictures of me [do the creep! do the creep!], the lady who pretended to shoot me with her fingers and said something weird about butterflies and guitar picks, Steve (the guy who did the piece of art in my ribs), the guy who practised yoga at the bus stop... a lot of people, seriously.

Things I learnt: If you sing offensive songs with a really good guitar and you're talented it doesn't sound that terrible, The Dog & Duck has the best fish and chips ever, if you keep your sunglasses on your nose gets brown but the rest of your face does not, I love Reese's and Butterfingers, the right way of pronouncing "syrup, burguer, shit, sheet, bitch, beach" and some others that I don't remember, I learnt that when I try to say dumbass it sounds like "Thomas" and about a MILLION of cool expressions. In fact I am gonna change the name of the blog right now.

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011


Okay, yeah, I know it's been a while. I got some angry complaints reproaching the lack of entries of the last days but, Hey, there's something called WEEKEND. It means you go out, you do things, you sleep... and you have no time to write!
Right now I am at a Starbucks, having the best Frappuccino ever, with real Vanilla Beams. Oh god it's so good... and way cheaper than in Spain!

Let's see... Yeah, The WANDA JACKSON SHOW!
  • I woke up extremely early, 5.40 am just to make sure I would get my tickets. I wanted to get an extra one for Laura, so I woke up, got dressed and I hit the road ahhahaha. I wanted to take the bus, but after waiting for a while I decided to walk. It was pretty dark and I was quite scared but the idea of seeing HER made me get over my fears. A bus came and I took it. The show was gonna take place at the Stubb's and there was one man waiting already when I got there. It was 6.25am.
  • I thought I would have to buy a ticket and then go back home, wear something decent and be there again but.... I WAS WRONG. I had to stay there, wearing my pajamas' tee (terrible, I know, it was just a plain white t-shirt). I didn't have my cell phone with me, just my moleskine so I started to draw things just to make time go faster... I didn't even know if I was gonna be able to get in because I didn't have a wristband, but someone from the staff took pity on me and gave me one because I had been there for so long it would be terribly unfair if I didn't get one.
  • The line up was pretty awesome, but I only cared about one name: Wanda Jackson! at about 3.00 pm, me, my pajamas's tee and my totally-useless-for-a-fucking-sunny-day leopard coat were waiting, first row, for her. I could see her for a moment when she got backstage and I was so excited! I'm such a fangirl, yeah, I know. When the show started I had to force myself to keep the tear inside of me like "Hey, you don't wanna cry in front of her, she'll think you're a sucker" but I have ro confess I dropped a few lonely tears of joy. The show was awesome. She's so sweet, so smart and so naughty... I was seeing her and I could totally imagine her when she was 17, singing and dancing. She's got the brighest eyes ever, the fighting spirit of her voice... for fuck's sake, I really love heeer! I had been waiting for the show for so long... I can't believe I saw her!
  • When the show was over I wanted to take a picture with her, but obviouly they sneaked her out and I couldn't see her! It was asking for too much, I know, but hey, a girl can dream!
There's a really annoying viking keeping me from writing. I'll keep on later ¬¬