jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011


Last friday night (yeah, Katy Perry) someone stole all my makeup. Terrible right? I KNOW. I was devastated [I still am] because I had a lot of limited editions, expensive makeup.... I don't know... it was the meanest thing ever. I told my friends and... WOW.
Claudia, my childhood buddy, told me she was getting rid of all her old makeup because she's switching to mineral products. She had a lot of MAC products and really amazing other brands. It is used, but it's awesome, more than I could ever buy, right now I have no income and life sucks. 
When I was totally amazed by my "new" makeup <3 and thought everything was as awesome as it could get... my dad comes to my room all mystery with a post box.... Leanne sent it.
I open it and... Christmas night all over again! New and slightly used makeup. I love it. I'll show you the products right now!!


  • Mac Foundation (almost empty) but with the aplicator, which is really expensive :)
  • Guerlain goldenish eye shadow. I love the color :)
  • MAC eye shadow: 6 smokey eyes + me being stupid. Claudia used them, but there are some colors pretty complete and the case is really luxurious. 

  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
  • MAC Black &purple glittered eye shadow: awesome color it looks so professional even if you use it alone.
  • MAC Pink blush: This is actually Leanne's, and  I think it is brand new.
  • MAC Fafi edition: Pink blush. Slightly used, beautiful color, right?

  • MAC eye pencil (Grey & Green)
  • MAC zoom lash sampler (black)
  • MAC shadestick (I think that's the name, I can't really read it!) (goldenish/ copper color)

  •  MAC brown blush: used as you can see, but that's a good sign!

  • MAC's case: Red and shiny. It says Chabel all over.


  •  Lipsy London packs: I never heard of this brand before but I already love it. Nighttime Goddess, Daytime Doll. Just like me. The packaging is really beautiful, the colors are the proper ones and... It's brand new, I'm sad that I have to use it!

  • Two Faced eye shadows and lip glosses. I love the black lace case, the colors... arrrrgh! <3
  •  MAC Eyeliner: BASIC FOR MY LIFE.

  •  BYS lipgloss: Lilac. I still haven't used it, but it looks shiny, classy and awesome. Still sealed!

  •  Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Midnight Cowboy: I'm not completely sure, I think it is a shadestick, it is all glittery and shiny. I can't wait to wear it when the right time comes!

  •  Urban decay eye pencil: Stray Dog. I love the name, it is brown, like chocolate.
  • Maybelline: The Colossal Volume Express mascara. I tried it, It looks like fake lashes, I swear to God. If I am thinking about wearing glasses it isnt an opcion. I am still in shock, it's great.

  •  MAC Russian Red Lipstick. We all know Russian Red. Nothing else no say <3

  •  Rimmel Glam Eyes eyeliner. Thin, soft and dark. PERFECT for wings and precise lines
  • I dont have a picture of it, but she also sent me a case with brushes, soft and perfect. The case is navy blue and black, shiny all over with a big black satin bow.

I'm so happy I can't believe it. Karma can be awesome sometimes and... girls... karma will bring you happiness in your future life because you made me extremely happy.

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