miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011


Pretty boring today actually. I woke up and looked for a place to stay, I read A song of Ice and Fire, which seriously, you all should read, and then I took the bus. Mom, you'd be so proud of me, I'm eating really healthy food, salads, fruits, drinking a lot of water and walking. I miss eating meat, I think I'll go to the HEB [not ATB] tomorrow and grab some. I did something quite crazy, though. I walked around alone at night. Yeah, it was a nice zone with cops and stuff but... I won't do it again. Don't translate this to mom, Fanny! I was afraid so I just pretended to be talking to my phone like really pissed off to show the potential muggers that you have to be careful with me *moves her hand in the air and shakes her neck pressing her lips with her eyebrows raised*

People I met today: A crazy drunk guy sitting besides me at the bus stop at Congress who was obviously talking to me but I just pretended to be listening to my blackberry music.

Things I learnt today: Be careful with the salad's dressing, Bel, It is too tasty.

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