jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011


So, quite busy day. I woke up pretty soon and I started to look for a new place to stay. No results. Tomorrow I'll keep on looking. I had this awesome lunch, TACOS! that I bought at a trailer for 6 bucks, really good. I remembered that I walked by a frozen yoghurt place yesterday so I went back today and I bought this fucking awesome low fat peanut butter yoghurt with chocolate raisins and rainbow thingies for like 2 bucks. It was so good I will go there EVERY DAY.

Then I met Joel in front of the Frost building and we went to see a badass show where his high school friends were playing. It was really cool. Look at the guitar player, he was really talented.
Just next to where the show took place there was a military shop and I saw a lot of guns. Yeah, I know, my fourth day in Texas and I saw guns, it was about time, right? We walked around Hyde Park, which is actually a pretty nice area, close to the UT. There we went to a second hand shop called Buffalo *idontrememberwhat* and I bought a pair of denim shorts for me because... man, I am so gonna need them . Here it's too sunny, I seriously need to get some sunscreen.
We ate some glorious pizza with mushrooms, tomato, beef, bacon, peperoni, cheese, peppers and a lot of things more and went to see another show, but finally we went back downtown and I took a bus back to Carlos' apartment, which is where I am right now, trying to keep my eyelids open.

People I met today: The frozen yoghurt's place clerk, who was totally nice and showed me how everything worked, thank you man!, the musicians who played the show, a really nice korean girl who had a clothing store in Hyde Park called Dog and Pony, two friends of Joel (one of them was a tank commander!) and a girl called Susie which probably I wil never see again, but I met her.

Things I learnt: Pizza in the States is not like the Pizza we have in Spain. You can't see the cheese under all those toppins. I also learnt that if you need a pen, the Universe will provide. The bus that takes you to the UT zone is 1m. The meaning of the 420-friendly.

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